Raciel Camargo

Raciel was born in 1990 along with his twin brother Eduardo. Raciel graduated from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Studio Art. He is an avid tv show watcher and vine compilation watcher and attends all Rihanna and Paramore shows when in town.

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Eduardo Camargo

Eduardo was born in 1990 along with his twin brother Raciel. Eduardo liked the peace and quiet so was born 2 HOURS after Raciel, almost being born the next day. Eduardo attended college and married the love of his life in 2015. Eduardo became a father in late 2016. He now currently works full time and loves playing video games.

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Maria Camargo

Maria was born in 1992. She had access to a copy machine and lesson plans as a kid so every time there was a family birthday party Maria and Raciel would play school. Maria attended college with Eduardo and Raciel and once took a class together and had the professor believe the three of them were triplets.

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