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  • Episode 37: Habits

    In this week's episode, we talk about our good habits, our bad habits, and which habits we've kicked to the curb. We also discuss our past week with our family + work & more! Listen and find out!

  • Mini-Episode #13: This Is What Middle-Aged White Women Listen To

    Mini-Episode #13: This Is What Middle-Aged White Women Listen To *This episode was recorded to be released on September 8th and due to personal family events, we’re releasing it today. […]

  • Episode 36: The One With No Topic

    On this week's episode we have no topic. We also celebrate Maria's birthday live while recording, retell a lot of stories where we had help to have fun... if you know what we mean + more. Listen and find out!

  • Mini-Episode #12: COVID Exes, Spicy Pop Rocks & Holidays

    It's our segment episode! This week Eduardo gives us the run down on event that happened on this day, birthdays & deaths. Maria gives advice on exes during COVID and the three try new spicy pop rocks? + more!

  • Episode 35: Conspiracy Theories

    On this week's episode we talk about conspiracy theories. Listen as we each discuss about a different conspiracy theory, whether or not we believe in them or conspiracy theories at all. Do you believe in conspiracy theories? If so, which ones? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram or leave us a comment below.

  • Mini-Episode #11: I Do, BROTHER

    It's our segment episode! This week we discuss important events that happened on this day on Eduardo's new segment, a listener has troubles with love during COVID that Maria tries to help her with and unfortunately we don't have a snack for this week's mini-episode. Suggest some snacks so we have one on our next mini-episode!

  • Episode 34: It’s Our Anniversary Episode!

    We celebrate our first podcast anniversary this week. It's been a year since we first uploaded our first episode so we thought to relive it as well as going back through some of our favorite (and not so favorite) episodes from our first year. We also talk about our goals with the podcast + a lot more.

  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary SYDCA Podcast!

    Our podcast came out exactly one year ago today, July 30th! We can't thank you enough for the support y'all have shown us this past year. We had the idea of starting a podcast back in 2017 and only recorded one episode (which, if we find it, we'll release it lol) and never got back to recording another one. We finally sat down and planned things out and it finally stuck.

  • Mini-Episode #10: Let’s Do The Soulja Boy Dance

    It's our segment episode! This week Eduardo continues with his new segment (this time with the correct dates), Maria gives eyebrow advice, and the three of us try 2 new snacks (including a sneak peek on what candy ¿Que Pica? Candy is releasing this Friday!)

  • Video: Raci’s Food Corner: SYDCA Tries… ¿Que Pica? Candy

    We are trying out all the candies available from ¿Que Pica? Candy including the newly released enchilados, Bears. Use code "SYDCA" at checkout for 10% off your order at ¿Que Pica? Candy