• Epsiode 03: Food

    In this episode, we discuss what our favorite fast food places are, what Maria hated most about helping our grandma out on weekends and find out how Eduardo was involved in an accident while helping our uncle sell food.

  • Episode 02: Video Games

    In this episode, we discuss our first times playing video games, what our first game system was, our all time favorite games and more. We also play a round of “One’s Gotta Go” and talk about our week.

  • Episode 01: Summer

    It's our inaugural episode! We introduce ourselves, talk about our week and also discuss our favorite summer memories, how we feel about summer now that we're not in school and if summer is really all that everyone makes it out to be. We also play a round of "One's Gotta Go".

  • Coming Soon: SYDCA Podcast

    Welcome! Whether you're a friend, family member or just somehow stumbled upon our podcast we'd like to thank you for listening to our podcast. On this podcast, we discuss and dissect different topics each week varying from topic to topic. Make sure to come back July 30th when our first episode is released and check back each Tuesday for new episodes. Subscribe today!