• Happy 1 Year Anniversary SYDCA Podcast!

    Our podcast came out exactly one year ago today, July 30th! We can't thank you enough for the support y'all have shown us this past year. We had the idea of starting a podcast back in 2017 and only recorded one episode (which, if we find it, we'll release it lol) and never got back to recording another one. We finally sat down and planned things out and it finally stuck.

  • Video: Raci’s Food Corner: SYDCA Tries… ¿Que Pica? Candy

    We are trying out all the candies available from ¿Que Pica? Candy including the newly released enchilados, Bears. Use code "SYDCA" at checkout for 10% off your order at ¿Que Pica? Candy

  • Episodes now on YouTube!

    We've decided to upload the audio from all our episodes here on YouTube! They will slowly start showing up on our YouTube channel. Listen back on our past 28+ episodes and check back every Tuesday when our full and mini-episodes come out. We'll eventually be coming out with video episodes only on our YouTube page so keep an eye out for those! 

  • New Episodes Mid-March!

    Hey guys! How are you? We'll be talking about this on our episode this Tuesday but we wanted to make a post about it on here too. This upcoming episode will be our last one for a couple of months. We wanted to take a small break, especially since recording and with the holiday season we're really busy. We'll be back so please don't worry about that. Mid-March, we'll keep you updated on the exact date, we'll be back with brand new episodes. We will return with small changes though:

  • We Got Shoutouts!

    If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard me, Raciel, freak out about a shout out we got this week. Latinos Who Lunch came back from their hiatus, and of course, I was listening to their first episode back. Like always I like to listen to the entire episode of all my favorite podcasts (Latinos Who Lunch, Cabronas y Chingonas, and De Colores Radio) because in my head, listening to the entire episode and not skipping the end/outros, help their numbers somehow.

  • Welcome to our Show!

    Welcome! Whether you're a friend, family member or just somehow stumbled upon our podcast we'd like to thank you for visiting our website. You know that meme where friends talk about something once and then one of them says "Hey we should totally start a podcast"? Yeah, that's us! The three of us grew up together and growing older we weren't as in touch as we used to so we're also using this podcast as a way to get together once a week and discuss different topics all while hanging out. We hope we can keep you entertained once a week with our silly banter about each topic. [...]