Episode 04: Traveling (w/ Dannica)

Episode 04: Traveling (w/ Dannica)

We have a special guest this week all the way from California. Dannica joins us for our traveling episode. Seeing as she travels back and forth to Texas with our brother/cousin we thought she would be a perfect fit for this episode. In today’s episode we discuss where we’ve traveled to, our dream vacation and Dannica gives up a tip for traveling to any major city. We also play a round of “One’s Gotta Go” and start a new game.

Where is your dream vacation location? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram or leave us a comment below.

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We would also like to apologize for the audio problems in this episode. One of our mics started messing up and we didn’t catch it until after we finished recording. We’re a small podcast and we’re learning so hopefully this issue never happens again. We’ll make it up to you and to our guest Dannica. We appreciate all your support <3

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