New Episodes Mid-March!

Hey guys! How are you?
We’ll be talking about this on our episode this Tuesday but we wanted to make a post about it on here too. This upcoming episode will be our last one for a couple of months. We wanted to take a small break, especially since recording and with the holiday season we’re really busy. We’ll be back so please don’t worry about that.

Mid-March, we’ll keep you updated on the exact date, we’ll be back with brand new episodes. We will return with small changes though:

1. We’ll be releasing episodes every other week. We’ll be coming out with episodes bi-weekly once we come back from our hiatus. The three of us are going to be extremely busy the first couple of months of 2020. Hopefully be the time we get back, Raciel’s busiest time of the year at work will finally be over and have finally moved into his first apartment. Maria will hopefully already have a lot of her wedding, which is later this year, planned out and be on track and Eduardo will hopefully be one of the top streamers on Twitch!
2. We’ll be changing the format. We’ll still be talking about topics each week but it’s not going to be as structured or as straight forward like our last 23 episodes have been. We’ll be introducing new segments and more. We hope these changes will not only not scare you away but make the podcast for fun for you. If you’ve been dying to let us know how to improve our show please don’t hesitate to let us know.

With all that being said, please go back and listen to our past episodes. Let us know which one was your favorite, which one you hated the most, which ones you loved the most, and especially if there’s anything you think we can do to make this show even better.
Also, even while on hiatus, if you rate and review us on Apple Podcast (5 stars only) and would like a sticker or a custom holographic Pokemon card, send us an email or DM and we’ll be sure to get them to you.

Anyways, make sure to follow us on our social media profiles where I’m sure we’ll be active while away. Visit our About page for links to each one of our pages. Follow us and interact with us!

See y’all Mid-March,
❤ Raciel, Eduardo, and Maria

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