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Welcome! Whether you’re a friend, family member or just somehow stumbled upon our podcast we’d like to thank you for visiting our website. You know that meme where friends talk about something once and then one of them says “Hey we should totally start a podcast”? Yeah, that’s us! The three of us grew up together and growing older we weren’t as in touch as we used to so we’re also using this podcast as a way to get together once a week and discuss different topics all while hanging out. We hope we can keep you entertained once a week with our silly banter about each topic.

If you already know us GREAT! If you don’t feel free to check out our About page to read a very small bio about us. There you can follow us on our social media and learn more about us as we post!

Make sure to subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or where you listen to podcast and listen every Thursday when we release new episodes. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and if you’d like to send your suggestions, comments or just to say Hi, go to our Contact page.

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