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  • Episode 21: Sports (w/ Alex)

    It’s time for sports talk. Maria and Raciel aren’t well versed in to sports world like Eduardo is so we brought in our cousin Alex to join us on this episode. We talk about our favorite sports to watch vs. play, get off topic a lot and much more!

  • Episode 20: Weddings

    In this week's episode, we talk all about weddings. Our cousin Paola got married a couple of weeks ago so we wanted to do an episode about weddings, especially since Maria is currently planning her wedding. We talk about Eduardo and Maria's engagements, which Raciel was a part of both, how stressful weddings can be and some of the classic Mexican wedding traditions our family does at our weddings.

  • Episode 19: Pets

    t's all about our pets this week! We talk about our first pets, which ones sadly passed away, about our current ones and whether or not we want more pets in our future. Maria also talks about her problems with her wedding photographer, 10 months before the wedding + more.

  • Episode 18: Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! Today is more of a family celebration, get together and the way I think about it. In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite Thanksgiving memories, discuss of Turkey is actually good or not, Black Friday memories + more. Eduardo also discusses his past week and Raciel recaps his birthday weekend celebration.

  • Episode 17: Languages w/ Michelle

    Maria is back from her cabin weekend as Michelle joins us for her episode. We talk about what other languages we speak, which ones we learned in High School, what other languages we want to learn, and compare the number of words we know in other languages.

  • Episode 16: Vacation

    Raciel & Eduardo are back from vacation and Maria is gone for hers. Michelle, Eduardo's wife, joins us on this episode as we discuss the vacation we went on a couple of weeks ago. We call Maria and see why she's not joining us this week and find out how much of a Scorpio Raciel and Eduardo are, as their birthday is November 13th!

  • We Got Shoutouts!

    If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard me, Raciel, freak out about a shout out we got this week. Latinos Who Lunch came back from their hiatus, and of course, I was listening to their first episode back. Like always I like to listen to the entire episode of all my favorite podcasts (Latinos Who Lunch, Cabronas y Chingonas, and De Colores Radio) because in my head, listening to the entire episode and not skipping the end/outros, help their numbers somehow.

  • Episode 15: Family

    It's all about family this week! We talk about our immediate family, our huge extended family, and chosen families. We also talk about our week, do a Buzzfeed quiz and play another round of One's Gotta Go!

  • Episode 14: Halloween

    It's our Halloween episode! We talk about our childhood Halloween memories if we like celebrating Halloween now as adults, and our family's view on Halloween. We also talk about our week, do a Buzzfeed quiz and play another round of One's Gotta Go!

  • Episode 13: School

    In this week's episode, we discuss our school memories and if we liked school or not. We talk about our dark times in Middle school and some of our embarrassing moments from Elementary. We also tell the story about the time the three of us were triplets for a semester. We talk about our week, do a Buzzfeed quiz and play another round of One's Gotta Go!