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  • Episode 26: Quarantine with Us

    It's our first time recording at our own homes but that's not going to stop us from bringing you new episodes! This week we talk all about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we are dealing with the quarantine. We talk about what we're doing to keep us entertained *ahem* Animal Crossing *ahem* and what we want to do the second this pandemic is over.

  • Mini-Episode 2: Get Out of that Toxic Relationship

    We're back with our second mini-episode, here to keep us in your feed during our off weeks! This week Raciel brings in a snack for all to try, Maria gives her advice on a relationship problem submitted by one of our listeners and we let Eduardo know if he was justified in getting pissed this week. Listen to our segments during our mini-episodes that come out during our off weeks.

  • Mini Episode 1: “How Do I Stop Talking Shit to Stupid People?”

    You didn't think we'd pop up on your feed this week, did you? So our full episodes are still bi-weekly but we decided to have mini-episodes in between our full episodes to still be in your feed. Our mini-episodes consists of each one of us having a segment. Listen to our first mini-episode and get to know what our segments are all about.

  • Episode 23: Happy New Year’s!

    It's New Year's Eve, say goodbye to this decade! On this episode we talk about our favorite memories from 2019, if we make new year's resolutions, what we're looking forward to in 2020 and the start of this new decade and some of our New Year's memories from the past + more. We also have some news for y'all about our podcast.

  • Episode 19: Pets

    t's all about our pets this week! We talk about our first pets, which ones sadly passed away, about our current ones and whether or not we want more pets in our future. Maria also talks about her problems with her wedding photographer, 10 months before the wedding + more.

  • Episode 10: Technology Pt. 1

    On this weeks episode, we talk all about technology! Maria gives us a brief history of the cellphone and we discuss some of our first cellphones. Raciel discusses all about the internet today and why it sucks. We also have BuzzFeed let us know which app we are and play a round of One’s Gotta Go!

  • Episode 09: Cars

    On this weeks episode, we talk all about cars! Who taught us how to drive? What was our first car? We also discuss one of Maria's many accidents that involved Raciel. We also have BuzzFeed let us know what car we should actually be driving and play a round of One's Gotta Go!